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MGA Paiagallo

In the heart of the M.G.A. Paiagallo, one of the most historic vineyards of Fontanafredda finds its home. It takes the name from the royal farmhouse at the bottom of the vineyard, located in Paiagallo M.G.A. on a tongue of land rich in silt, sand and clay. A Barolo with aromas of small red fruits and reminiscent of blackberries. A full body wine, with sweet tannins and long finish.

MGA Lazzarito

In the heart of M.G.A Lazzarito, lies one of the most historic vineyards of Fontanafredda. Vigna La Delizia stands on top of a strip of marl-calcareous-clayey land, rich in graininess skeleton. It’s a tasty Barolo, with spicy reminiscents and balsam aromas, with a deep verticality and tannins that need time to express themselves at their best.

Vigna La Rosa

Fontanafredda’s most historical and representative vineyard lies right at the heart of  the Fontanafredda M.G.A. This wine is named after La Bella Rosina and it is no coincidence that this strip of land, rich in sand, limestone and blue marl typical of Serralunga, is reminiscent of the floral scents of the rose. A deep, long and warm Barolo.

MGA Fontanafredda

Fontanafredda is one of the 181 MGAs and is named after the amphitheatre of vineyards of the same name at the entrance to the municipality of Serralunga d'Alba. A Barolo of outstanding finesse and elegance. (aggiungere Monopole)