Moscato d'Asti Briccontondo



Moscato d’Asti DOCG




Langa albese e astigiana

Soil type

Calcareous clay

Exposure and altitude

East, West- 250/400m asl


Guyot 5000 plants/ha


second ten days of September


5% vol


10 °C


0,75 L

Technical notes

Vinification: the freshly harvested grapes are pressed softly, the resulting juice sent to storage tanks where it remains for a few hours at a temperature close to zero before being filtered. The must is kept cold until its preparation begins. At this point, the temperature is raised to 18°C, fermentation starts and, when the alcoholic level reaches 5°C, fermentation activity is stopped by lowering the temperature to 0°C.

Ageing: : this is a wine that should be drunk very young, even a few weeks after harvesting it is already ready for

Tasting notes

The fragrance of its aroma wich comes direct form the grapes, imbues this wine with an intense nose of
musk, black locust and orange flowers, sage and honey, and the lingering of its carefree flavour brings out the brightest of spirits. The warmth arid light that the sun has shed on the vineyards are reproduced in the glass, where this clear, straw-yellow wine has a pleasantly sweet taste that is very well-balanced and features honey
and just-picked grapes.


A very appealing drink on its own, it is the ideal wine to be served with many kinds of sweet, particulary when they have a fine, delicate flavour.