Alta Langa Classic Method

Alta Langa Classic Method

Alta Langa DOCG

Limited Edition


Pinot nero, Chardonnay


Langa’s hills

Soil type

White clay alternated with layers of sand and limey marl

Exposure and altitude

South, south-east - 250/500m asl


Guyot 5.000 plants/ha


End of Agust, beginning of September


12,5% vol


6-8 °C


0,75 L

Technical notes

Vinification: the grapes are harvested into crates with a capacity of about 20 kg and then poured directly into the press, where they are delicately and softly crushed. The must obtained is transferred to temperature-controlled tanks where static decanting takes place, and then ferments in stainless steel tanks at a low temperature (18-20 °C). When fermentation is complete, the wine is kept on the fine lees for a few months. This is when the cuvée is created, uniting the wines from the different crus selected. In spring the wine undergoes a second fermentation, in the bottle, followed by a period of maturing in contact with yeasts, in the cool, dark and protected environment of the cellars, in observance of the strict rules that govern the production of “Spumante Metodo Classico” (Classic Method Sparkling Wine).

Tasting notes

The cuvée is created with a meticulous blend of crus situated at an average altitude of 500m asl, which guarantee a fresh and fruity wine. A minimum maturing period of 30 months conveys perfect aromatic complexity. The colour is straw yellow with green highlights. The perfume is reminiscent of honey, white peaches, grapefruit and basil. The wine has a savoury feel in the mouth, with a persistent sparkle and a sweet, lingering finish.


Excellent as an aperitif, with its personality it is, above all, an excellent way of accompanying all courses of a meal.




Award Rosso

I vini di Veronelli

1 Trifoglio