Alta Langa Classic Method

Alta Langa Classic Method

Alta Langa DOCG

Blanc de Blancs





Soil type

White clay alternated with layers of calcareous sands

Exposure and altitude

East, south-east 600m asl


Guyot 4.500 ceppi/ha


End of Agust, beginning of September


12,0 % vol


6-8 °C


0,75 L

Technical notes

Vinification: the grapes, harvested towards the first ten days of September and transferred to the cellar in small perforated boxes of 20 kg each, are pressed a few hours after harvesting in a very soft and delicate way using a press and the must obtained is left to settle for 12/24 hours at 8/10 degrees of temperature. After the time necessary for a good clarification, the must is decanted and brought to about 16 degrees in temperature to facilitate the start of alcoholic fermentation which lasts about a month. At the end of fermentation, the must is left to rest for a few days after which it is racked and placed in steel containers until the following spring when it is prepared for the second fermentation, the one that takes place in the bottle where our Blanc
de blans undergoes that transformation mainly thanks to the yeast and acquire that sparkling, that creaminess, that complexity and that fragrance that distinguish it.

Tasting notes

After a period of about 30/36 months it is ready for disgorgement and then ends its adventure in a glass where you can admire the fine and persistent perlage, its straw yellow color, the very intense aromas reminiscent of dried fruit, bread crust, honey and its fresh, fragrant and creamy flavor.


Excellent as an aperitif, with its unquestionable personality it is above-all a great way of accompanying all courses with class.




Award Rosso