Fontanafredda becomes greener and greener thanks to its closure

Mondial Capsule

Becoming #GREENER to reborn, it’s the path that we have undertaken in Fontanafredda.

A new Renaissance, changing the scenario and our values, while maintaining the same results: a rebirth in order to change and be renew. Renewal, as we intend it, means making the Earth at the center and living it with intelligence and respect with our partners.

Mondial Capsule, with its 30 years of experience, guarantees us innovative closures derived from sustainable energy.

Tradition, quality, innovation and sustainability

These are the common characteristics of Fontanafredda and Mondial Capsule.

In the heart of Sardinia, the Molinas family, capable and visionary above all in the world of wine, has been running the Mondial Capsule company since 1989.

Mondial Capsule has always been able to react quickly and effectively to market needs, even when it had to abandon the production of lead capsules to encourage research and development of new products in tin and PVC.

Thanks to technological investments, over time, he has developed new skills and developed new solutions, to build products and services of the highest quality, without compromise. In this way the company quickly managed to become one of the main players in the market, also expanding the range of products offered.

For several years, Mondial Capsule has embarked on a path of sustainable development, which translates into the construction of new renewable energy production plants, the efficiency of production lines and the reduction of fossil fuel consumption.

In particular, with the construction of photovoltaic systems has favored significant energy savings, as well as the reduction of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, up to an increase of about 1 MW of energy. But not only, thanks to a relamping company, Mondial Capsule has facilitated an efficiency of lighting systems, reducing the consumption of 70%.  And yet, the construction of a biomass boiler allowed to ensure 1.5 MW of clean energy. The plant produces significant benefits both in terms of the problem of disposal of agricultural waste based on natural plant biomass and in terms of the environment. It is no coincidence that their energy exploitation allows a large amount of thermal energy to be obtained instead.

A sustainable philosophy that has been concretized in practical actions

In recent years, Mondial Capsule has obtained important certifications in terms of corporate security, which attest to the green path undertaken by the company.

In particular, the achievement of environmental certification, ISO 14001/2015 of Environmental Management that provides for the improvement of environmental performance, compliance obligations and the achievement of environmental objectives; At the same time, the achievement of the ISO 45001/2018 Safety Management certification, expects as a result the continuous improvement of OSH performance, the fulfilment of legal obligations and the achievement of OSH objectives.

The Green Renaissance has no boundaries, and it is only the beginning of a change of perspective

The Green Renaissance grows in the sign of a new perspective: the Earth at the center. Only together we can give life to a new community, and it is thanks to our partners like Mondial Capsule that we can think of a better future, where respect for the Earth also becomes respect for people.

Everyone will contribute to the rebirth with their own tool, our tool will be the wine, today #greener.

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