Equalitas Certification, Vegan Product and the 1°st Sustainability Report: our #GREEN 2021

Il nostro 2021 #verde

An increasingly greener 2021: our actions towards sustainability have multiplied thanks to a new perspective, the Green Renaissance.

A new Fontanafredda, better than before and more respectful of our planet. 500 years after the first Italian Renaissance, it comes the Green Renaissance: the scenario changes and the values change to obtain the same result, to be reborn to become new, where the “new” for us is putting the earth back at the center.

A goal that gives life to a large world community built on trust in others, and the tool to do so is wine, the green one.

A green-being that is reflected in all the daily choices that have led us to obtain the Equalitas “Sustainable Organization” certification which guarantees the good agricultural, cellar, economic, socio-economic and communication actions.

Thanks to the commitment of the entire Fontanafredda community and our green partners, we have achieved this important result together, which places us among the first wineries in Italy to receive Equalitas certification and the only one in Piedmont to have undertaken the evaluation of carbon and water footprint.

A 2021, greener and greener thanks also to the “Vegan Product” certification which certifies our self-produced wines as 100% vegan, obtained by excluding any ingredient of animal origin.

To end our #green year, we are also presenting the first Sustainability Report, relating to the year 2020, which describes our Green Renaissance from an environmental, ethical and social point of view, as a concrete expression of “when respect for the earth also becomes the respect for people “

Our #green wine is therefore the reflection of our principles, attentive to social, environmental and territorial needs. Thanks to the green Renaissance, today we create a shared and organic value, which forms thanks to the first non-financial relationship.

The Green Renaissance has no borders, and it is only the beginning for a change of perspective that redesigns our values ​​where respect for the earth also becomes respect for people. Values ​​that have a specific color: #GREEN

Let’s go through 2021 together and check the greenest highlights of it! 
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