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We faced the future with a new perspective

The Green Renaissance

A new Renaissance, changing the scenario and our values, while maintaining the same results: a rebirth to change and renew

Renewal, as we intend it, means making the land the centre of everything again. This is our goal, with a view to creating a big international community built on trust in one another.

And we are going to achieve that goal with wine, green wine. Green inside, because it is sustainable, but green outside too. There’s nothing to it really. It’s as easy as drinking a glass of wine.

Two epochs in comparison

500 years ago and today. The scenario has changed but, if we focus on the values, we can get the same result: TO BORN AGAIN!

The epochs

XV e XVI century
The Renaissance

XXI century
The Green Renaissance

Inspiration that points the way

To be better than before

The founding element

The man at the center of the world

The world at the center of the man

The man at the center of the world

The founding element of the Italian Renaissance in the 15th and 16th century has been the man. Today we need to revert that model, putting the EARTH at the center of the man.

Our planet has been existing for 4.5 billions years, a wonderful combination of SOIL, WATER and ATMOSPHERE that made life possible. Without the balance between those three elements, we wouldn’t be here.

The world at the center of the man

Today we cultivate 300 acres of organic vineyards. The respect we have for the Earth lead us here. ORGANIC. A lifestyle that guides us in everyday choices, making us empathize with the plant and the soil, forcing us to eliminate chemical fertilizers, herbicides and systemic treatments in our vineyards. We’re lucky enough to live in a unique area in the world and we must take care of it.

Let’s bring back the earth at the center of the man our future is at stake
The value

Self-confidence, beauty

Faith in each other, community


The value enhanced by the Italian Renaissance in the 15th and 16th century was SELF-CONFIDENCE, that generated a lot of BEAUTY. Today, with half a millenium of additional experience, we understood that alone we can achieve many results by ourselves, but together we can do better.

Faith in each other

A widest conception of the sense of COMMUNITY is the ecosystem, an open system by definition, very similar to the Village of Fontanafredda, always open for the community that gives the chance to MEET NEW PEOPLE, CONFRONT and SHARE IDEAS. We understood that we can improve ourselves every day only with everyone’s contribution. WE ARE A COMMUNITY SINCE 1858. Today more than ever we must continue to be gathered around the values of the earth.

The Green Renaissance will start only if we join a global community
The driver



Art element

In the 15th century, people expressed the social yand economic renaissance of humanity. By the end of the 20th century, WINE ceased to be only a necessity and has started to embody a message of CULTURE, becoming a mean of KNOWLEDGE and symbol of REGENERATION.

Wine element

Our wine expresses who we are, From Barolo to Alta Langa. It carry the values in which we believe.

We try to have the luck to live immerse in such an amazing nature forgiven… by respecting it. The respect of the EARTH is transferred in our wine and become respect for the PEOPLE.

Because wine is conviviality: encounter, confrontation and harmony. Sharing of pleasures and knowledge: a Renaissance of the values, with a specific colour… GREEN!

Wine generates conviviality, this is why it is our tool for the Green Renaissance
Green Wine

We are lucky enough to live in a place that is unique, and it is our duty to take care of it. Our wine is #green

The fact that we are green is reflected in our respect for the land, a way of being and thinking, which has resulted in 120 hectares of ORGANIC crops. It has taught us to consciously reuse water, collected in our lake and purified with the help of the plant-based purification system in the village, so that it can be used and reused time and time again. By 2022, all of Fontanafredda Village’s power will be generated by solar panels on the cellar buildings, reducing the environmental impact of our activity to zero. The glass we use to bottle our wines is healthy, natural and 85% recycled. And it can be used and reused into infinity.

Our corks are made with plant-based material, recyclable and sustainable, preserving the integrity of our wines, with zero carbon footprint. For our labels we use FSC certified papers, recycled papers and renewable papers. High-quality, elegant and educated paper, like the cardboard boxes that protect our wines on their journey from the cellar to your home, while also protecting the environment and combating the deforestation of our planet. Ours is a lifestyle that influences our daily choices, including those made in relation to our wines, in which, for years now, we have reduced the impact of sulphur dioxide, bringing it under the limit, and preferred spontaneous fermentation, without the addition of selected industrial yeasts. In the village of Fontanafredda, mobility is also sustainable, our forklifts are fully electric and from the 2021 harvest we will use the first biomethane tractors in the vineyard.

The Green Renaissance has no boundaries, and is only the beginning for a change of perspective that redesigns our values where respect for the earth also becomes respect for people. Values that have a specific color: #GREEN.


WE COULD NOT HAVE MADE IT ALONE. Building a community is essential for achieving the result Thanks to our GREEN partners