Barolo Week(s)

It's Barolo time!
The whole world drinks Barolo

Events, tastings and masterclasses to tell the story of the "King of wines", which today cannot remain only the "Wine of the Kings".

A new collective way of thinking

What's Barolo Week(s)?

Barolo Week (s) is the first world campaign dedicated to Barolo, which in 2022 is renewed to tell Barolo all over the world thanks to new feelings, experiences, and a” “pop” “style. A style that becomes an expression of elegance and refinement of Barolo and its territory, in a new collective imagination, accessible to all.

Let's start from Hope

It's Renaissance time!

We tell Barolo through new feelings, promoters of change.

We reflected on the fact that, in general, today’s society is being stripped of metaphysical and cultural values, favoring only empty contents, aimed at targeting and extinguishing the desire to think.” We realized that we also had to deal with feelings “. ..and this is how the rebirth begins with Hope, told by Barolo Serralunga d’Alba Renaissance 2018, Il Barolo della Speranza.


Events, tastings and much more

The goal of the Barolo Week(s) is to tell an ever wider audience the uniqueness of this precious wine, trying to convey the message that behind a single bottle of Barolo there are the stories of women, men and their homeland. This is why we have decided to offer people the chance to taste something unique and rare. So, from Milan to Hong Kong, from New York to Tokyo, from Stockholm to Rio de Janeiro, we want to toast to Barolo with Barolo (… and not only), with a series of activities aimed at the best clubs (restaurants, wine bars, wines bars, gourmet shops) who want to become ambassadors of Barolo Fontanafredda in their cities.


The protagonists of Barolo week.
One territory, lots of personality

We have been producing Barolo for more than 160 years. Our Barolo, however, is not a simple wine but the story of a love story (the one between the first King of Italy and a simple commoner) and of a unique territory, that 100% Nebbiolo grapes grown in one of the most suitable municipalities in the whole area: Serralunga d’Alba We are in Fontanafredda, the oldest MGA in the Langhe, the only one that in 160 years of history has always belonged to the same producer. We are also fortunate to have a unique vineyard, La Rosa, capable of giving Barolo power and elegance and floral aromas. Barolo Serralunga, Barolo Property in Fontanafredda and Barolo Vigna La Rosa are born.

Barolo description

The origins, the terroir and the winemaking