Founded by the first King of Italy in 1858

Producers of Barolo and the great wines of the Langhe, in Serralunga d’Alba. Born in 1858 from the love story between the King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II, and Rosa Vercellana. We have always been a community, united by respect for the land, and today we have 120 hectares of ORGANIC crops that frame Italy’s first Storytelling Village

Our wines
Our wines, products of the Earth

Our wine expresses who we are: it brings with it the principles and values we believe in

Our purpose is to produce wine conceiving it as a basic commodity, as food, enhancing its ethical role of creating sharing, arguments and harmony.

If, after 160 years, we have become European Cellars of the Year, it is also because wine is not not a simple product for us, but contains within itself a set of values and principles unique linked to history, traditions and territory that no other company in the world like Fontanafredda can boast.

Our future is sustainability

The Green Renaissance

Renewal, as we intend it, means making the land the centre of everything again. This is our goal, with a view to creating a big international community built on trust in one another

And we are going to achieve that goal with wine, green wine. Green inside, because it is sustainable, but green outside too. There’s nothing to it really. It’s as easy as drinking a glass of wine.

Earth respect
 From the respect of the people  From the respect of the people
Our Manifesto

TRUST lies at the base of a COMMUNITY which HUMBLY transmits its KNOWLEDGE… TRUTHS that tell a STORY based on the COURAGE to start again, today, with a single colour: GREEN

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